So I Like To Eat.

"Greek Fries" Handcut Fries, Crumbled Feta, and Tzatziki Sauce. [OC][3648x2736] http://ift.tt/1lR2DOS
Fried, Smoked, and Truffled Lobster Mac n’ Cheese [OC] [1520X2688] http://ift.tt/1hyJBO7
Toad in a hole. Eggy in the basket. Whatever you call them, I’m getting pretty good at making the delicious bastards. [OC] [2064x1161] http://ift.tt/1kBx4eG
Sunny Pancakes [OC] [1107x1476] http://ift.tt/1hyk87n
My first special at work! Scallop Crudo[Fixed][448x600](OC) http://ift.tt/1hyk5sg
Better-than-Chipotle http://ift.tt/1gfBall
Tuna Crudo w/ Red Tobiko, Panko Crumbs, Avocado, and Yellow Grape Tomatoes on Mesclun Salas w/ Yuzu Vin (OC)[448x600] http://ift.tt/1kAk74P
Roasted Duck, Suckling Pig, Barbeceu Pork in Joy Hing’s, Hong Kong 1600 x 1063 http://ift.tt/1hp8fj8
Seafood Linguine [OC] [2048x1365] http://ift.tt/1qEQlJB
Arial view of 1600 fresh handmade pasta. 4.5 man hours. [2322x2322] http://ift.tt/1hp8b2T